Getting Away

There is nothing like a little get away. I love to escape with my sweet every now and then. He is the best and brightest part of my life. We have so much fun together! This weekend we escaped to Bristol, Rhode Island. It's not too far from us, only an hour and a half or so. It's such a cute little town! There are all sorts of little shops and restaurants and you can walk to almost everything. We stayed at the William's Grant Inn Bed & Breakfast. It was fantastic. The Inn was super homey and lived in. I love that feeling. The breakfast was great and all homemade right down to the granola. The best food of the whole trip was at the B&B! They made French Toast one morning from Portuguese bread homemade at a little bakery down the street. Ugh!!!! It was so great and a much needed get away! 

We love to eat while we are away. If I had it my way, I would stop at every restaurant and just eat all day! I love to try other peoples food! There is obviously a plus and minus to that as well because very rarely do I feel completely satisfied with a meal. Meaning as a fellow chef I am always critiquing the plates brought to me. I will save those for my own thoughts! The pate was delightful, and the company even more so! 

We walked nearly every where! The water front was my favorite spot! Our favorite shop was The Knotty Dog, they make homemade soaps, and with our room we received two free bars, and bought plenty more! Oh to get away! It rejuvenates my body and soul! 

When it's time to escape where do you go?

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LaurenJ said...

I like to go camping! :) With friends, it is so wonderful to sleep in the woods and eat fired food. :) I lve standing and sitting aorund the fire at night, talking, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows... :)

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